About the Photographer

Hello, I’m Kaitlyn Brianna

I am a photographer in San Antonio, Texas, my focus is fine art photography. I create visual stories through images that express narratives in a creative and unique way. Some artistic methods I enjoy are alternative processes, contemporary photography, and photo composites. In addition to fine art photography I also enjoy the editorial genre, among others. I am influenced by the world around me and the people in my life. Some photographers that inspire me include Robert Mapplethorpe, Brandon Woelfel, Cindy Sherman, and Annie Leibovitz. My work is subjective, my goal is for the viewer to connect emotionally to my images. I want the viewer to feel something when they look at my photographs. I capture emotions in my work no matter the subject. When someone sees my work, they will walk away feeling something and thinking about the feelings the image evoked within them.
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