The Abstract World of Plants

The Abstract World of Plants is a series of images that depict the reality of Texas wildflowers in conjunction with the abstractions of the plant world. I utilized abstract photographic techniques in camera and in post-production. I used a combination of zoom burst effects, slow shutter speeds, and stationary exposures to show the movement of these plants. In post-production, I brought out the hues and saturations to create more vibrant images. Every one of the final images is a composite of two or more photos. I utilized different blend modes and adjusted the opacity of each layer to show each flower in the images I composited together. I combined multiple images together to show the harmony of the flowers that exist alongside one another in the abstract realities of their world. Every image includes a mirror and water droplets in some capacity to help bring out the abstractions of the plant world.

There are metaphysical and spiritual meanings for each element included in these images. The viewer can take these symbolisms into consideration when looking at these photos, but I want the viewer to also find their own meaning within these images and take away whatever feelings resonate with them. The flower symbolizes the beauty within the abstract reality. The mirror symbolizes the reflection into the plant life and the reality in which the plants exist. The water symbolizes the life within the reality of the abstraction as well as movement within the composition.

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